So, you're wondering what's new.  Nature in Neon is a brand new feature.  A long-overdue feature from a trip to Oregon is now online.   A few older features (Alabama Sky, Body Language, Boston, Chicago bridges, Industrial, New York City, Pittsburgh, Rails, Savannah, Sloss Furnaces, and others) have been updated and put back online after being absent for a while.
I'm phasing in some changes to the look and navigation of this site.  All pages should be updated soon.

Text is a bit more streamlined.  On the gallery page for each feature, the header graphic at the top will link back to the home page.   Each of the display pages for individual images within a feature will be more streamlined, with uniform navigation.  The header graphic on each display page will link back to the gallery page for that feature.  Clicking on the image featured on that display page will take you to the next page.

At the bottom of the home page, gallery pages and each special page (blogs, links, etc.), the navigation has been streamlined.  The Galleries page will now take you to the main page for each photo feature.

The links and blogs pages have been updated recently.

Come back again soon.  Discover new favorites and revisit old ones.

Anne    3/5/11

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