Seeing the big picture can add purpose to our lives. Noticing the little details along the way adds richness to that picture. We all have it within our power to find moments to pause and appreciate those details. Life and art can be democratic experiences if we make them so.


Art is not only about the artist. It is also about the experience and perspective that each viewer carries with them when they view the art.


I like to do a visual exercise every day. In my travels, I make a point to find something unique and take a mental snapshot of it. The quality that makes it unique can be as simple as a shadow falling differently than the day before, or observing a familiar spot from a different angle. The more mundane the surroundings, the greater the challenge. Whether or not it is used for creative purposes, such an exercise can enhance what one sees in daily living. See what you enjoy. Enjoy what you see.


Anne K. Alt

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